Best brunch in Asheville
Best brunch in Asheville? In my opinion: Rocky's Hot Chicken Shack

Why Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack is the Best Brunch in Asheville

Sunday brunch is not your average meal. You have certain expectations. It’s a moment of hard-earned self indulgence after a long week. You’re looking for comfort food that makes you feel good on a lazy morning. You want something special, but in a casual atmosphere so you don’t have to think about your clothes and hair. But most of all you want something delicious (and an excuse to start drinking at 11 in the morning). Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack delivers all this and more. Here’s why I think Rocky’s is the best brunch in Asheville.

There are a lot of great Asheville brunch spots to choose from, but there’s only one that keeps us coming back over and over. Sometimes I feel a little guilty because I know there are so many more places to try. But Rocky’s has a secret weapon, summed up in four little words: Brunch Chicken and Waffles.

Best brunch in Asheville NC
Is Rocky’s the best brunch in Asheville, NC?

Why Rocky’s Is the Best Brunch in Asheville (in my humble opinion)

I’m confident in saying Rocky’s has the best fried chicken in Asheville. Not because I’ve tried them all, just because it is ridiculously good. My first passion at Rocky’s was the Rocky’s Way Chicken Sandwich. Why would someone get excited about a sandwich served on white bread? Try it and you’ll see. It works.

One thing you’ll quickly learn is to take it seriously when Rocky’s says “Hot”. Whatever you think your heat tolerance is, subtract a level from that and use it when you order your spice level. I always order mild and still find it pleasantly spicy. My wife orders medium. She’s a daredevil. If you enjoy pain, then the scale continues upward from there.

Then we discovered the whole chicken wings. This has since become my wife’s personal favorite, and my mom’s whenever she visits. We always laugh when we remember my sweet mother devouring her wings like a happy gremlin, face and hands covered in barbecue sauce. By this point Rocky’s had already become our go-to restaurant when we needed a quick, delicious lunch in a pleasant atmosphere, and at a good price. Did I mention the mac poppers? Fried balls of mac-n-cheese with a dipping sauce? Yes please. But things got serious the day I discovered the brunch chicken and waffles.

On the bottom is a bed of finely diced sweet potatoes fried up crispy. Next, a thick waffle (2 squares). On top of that, two fried chicken tenders prepared to your spice level of choice (mild for me). Next on the stack: two fried eggs. Drizzle that with a hollandaise sauce and top with bacon crumbles. Side of maple syrup included.

Brunch Asheville
Ready for brunch Asheville style?

Since that day I’ve been addicted. I’m a little embarrassed to admit I look forward to it all week. Of course there are other brunch specials that may become your next favorite Asheville brunch. They include the Chicken Biscuit, the Piggy Biscuit, Biscuit and Gravy, and a yummy Eggs Benedict. And of course the usual Rocky’s Menu is there for you to peruse.

Oh yeah, Dandelions & Mimosas. You can get your drink on in a very brunchy way, or you can try some of the beers on tap.

Something to keep in mind, Rocky’s does get pretty busy on Sunday morning. We go to Rocky’s West (1455 Patton Avenue) and usually find the sweet spot to be around 11:15. If you show up at opening time (11:00 am) there will be a line out the door into the parking lot. Give them a chance to run the early birds through, then you’ll breeze up to the counter. Come much later and you’re sure to be in that line again. Don’t worry, it’s still worth it. Rocky’s South is at 3749 Sweeten Creek Road.

Enjoy your brunch Asheville!

Rocky’s is open 11am to 10pm every day of the week. Don’t forget to check out their other fun weekly specials as well. Visit the Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack website for menus and more information.

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