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Paintless Dent Repair in Asheville NC

This post is about one of my businesses where I do Dent Repair in Asheville NC and YES it is a little shameless self promotion but since it is my company and in Asheville I think that is okay:).  I have been fixing car dents as my safety net business since 1996 and it is an amazing service if the right person does the work.

I have specialized in Hail Damage Repair which is the hardest type of repair to do utilizing this process but separates the men from the boys.  I have personally repaired over 1000 BRAND NEW cars that have been dented from hail with my own 2 hands.

Here is a pic of my lovely wife removing a headliner from a hail repair in Black Mountain NC in the summer of 2016, isn’t she beautiful.

hail Repair Black Mountain NC

And just so you know what I look like here is a YouTube video of me while I’m working on a door ding in Swannanoa.

We still repair dent’s in cars and have some other talented technicians that work for us from time to time so if you need a dent fixed and it doesn’t look like the paint is destroyed we hope you will give us a call. Also, if you receive hail damage in hendersonville NC, Waynseville, Marion or any where really that is in the fairly local area we can usually repair your car and save your deductible.

So keep our number handy and park far far away from this shopping cart returns.


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