Asheville NC

Get Outside, RIGHT MEOW!!

IMG_5002It’s going to be a CRAZY nice week this week for the middle of February.  As of right now its only 52 degrees but with the sunshine it feels amazing.  We are going to go explore some and enjoy dusting of the cabin fever from the last week of COLD weather.


Here is the temps for the next week.  What are you going to do with it?Screenshot 2017-02-19 14.09.44

We are going first for some Free Noble Cider at the Regeneration Station and then for some Neo Burrito off Tunnel Rd. (they also have $1.00 Noble Drafts on Sundays….SCOOOORE).

We are also doing some research of best waterfall in the area.  We are going to make a list and knock them off one by one throughout the spring and summer.  I have a problem though, I can’t visit a waterfall without going swimming in it somehow or someway.  I think I will hold out for even warmer weather to enjoy those little adventures.


Sometimes its easy to forget how Amazing this city is but a little bit of refueled enthusiasm gets you right out there to check it out anew.

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